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New patent essay from Sexing History

We have a new patent essay now available, written by the people behind the Sexing History podcast. Read about the Spring Type Bust Developer: a breast enhancement device that was part of a contentious legal battle with the U.S. Post Office. Then listen to the podcast for the full story!

Two New Patent Essays Added

Two new patent essays, both written by undergraduate students from NJIT, have been added to the site. 1 “Improvised Explosive Device Detection/Destruction/Disablement” discusses a technology to disable IED bombs from a safe distance. 2 “Solventless Mixing Process for Coating Pharmaceutical Ingredients” features a new method for making pharmaceutical tablets hide the bitter taste of the medicine.

Welcome to PatentHistory.org

Welcome to the launch of the Annotated Patent History Digital Archive. We currently have 10 patent essays available for you to read. We’re still working on tweaking how everything looks, so please be patient as we get up and running. We will update this News Page when new patent essays or features are added to the …